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“Super easy migration as you guys did all the work for me (which I like). Experience before was a nightmare as my site crashed 3 times in two weeks. Since working with WP Engine my site has been running super-fast and never crashed once. I love the service!”

Lewis Howes,

“My site loads ridiculously fast, my page views are up, and my business
is seeing the results. I rest easy at night with the level of support. My only regret: that I didn’t move to WP Engine sooner.

Phil Simon, author of The Age of the Platform

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The hardest part about getting started is, getting started. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, it is worth your time and effort. Let’s face it, your business won’t be taken seriously in 2016 without a website. We commend you for taking your business to the next level.  Even if you’re not the most computer savvy person, we want to help!  There is a chance that your website is going to crash and burn before you even get started. You are looking for the best web hosting that your money can buy but there are tons of web hosting providers to choose from. How do you know which one is legit? Do you go with the most popular? Do you go with the cheapest? This dilemma can be stressful. You can’t just switch hosting providers if you don’t like it once your site is up and running. Why? Because your website will be “down” until everything converts over. In other words, you have to be careful. With us, you will be covered by next level technology at all times. You want speed? You got it. You want reliability? You got it. Do you need it to be affordable? You got it! Your business needs are out first priority.



” Your web host provides the foundation of your website. If your foundation isn’t strong then your whole empire will crumble.”

why choose them as your website hosting provider?

Why should you choose WP Engine? Because they aren’t just another internet company with web hosting as an ‘in addition to’ service. Web hosting is their only service. They know the ins and outs of how websites should function. If you want the best web hosting, we  recommend WP Engine as well because of their in-house customer service. Nothing is more annoying that a language barrier when you need assistance. With them, that is no longer an issue. Unless you are the one in a million person, you should love their web hosting service! Check them out now by clicking one of the buttons on this page…See, I want to make things easy for you.

reasons why website owners love this web hosting provider

Service and Support

Need Assistance? No problem. Enjoy our in-house customer service! Relax and know that your website will covered by our highly trained experts. With our round-the-clock service, you will have nothing to worry about.

Next Level Technology

The internet progresses every day and so should your website. Stay up to date with the latest technology. 

Proactive Web Security

Your website needs protection from hackers at all times. Even when you are working or sleeping, the team is working around the clock to make sure your website is safe and secure. 

4 Times Faster Speed

A slow server can result in lower rankings and a higher bounce rate. Fast and reliable website hosting is the foundation of a great website.

best web hosting

web hosting

Create Stunning Websites That Is Responsive on Any Device

More than 50% of web searches conducted on the internet are through mobile devices. You need a website that is responsive to all devices including cell phones and tablets. Not only will you have a website that is fast and reliable, but a website that can be accessed from anywhere. 

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Have a Sense of Relief Knowing Our Customer Service Is In-House

Have you ever contacted a company’s support department only to get off the chat still confused? Everyone has gone through it so we wanted to make sure that will never happen to you as our customer. Our customer support representatives are highly-trained, in-house techs that has your best interest. 

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Have a 4x Faster Loading Time With a Built-In CDN

A content delivery network is a network of proxy servers set up in numerous data centers.  Every internet user is attached to an IP address. When your website is loaded by a user, they are connected to the closest CDN instead of one hosting server for a faster load. Your visitors will spend less time waiting on for your website to load and more time looking at your site.  We provide you with a built in content delivery network so you won’t have to set it up on your own and pay additional fees. 

t r u s t e d  b y :

best website hosting

why this website builder endorses wp engine...

What’s the purpose of this website? The purpose of this website is to give an informed decision to my fellow entrepreneurs and developers on what’s the best option for building websites. Yes, there are many web hosts available. Yes other web hosts may seem tempting but as a business person, you have to think about the whole picture.  Which web host can elevate my website the best and save me time and effort?

I personally recommend WP Engine to people who need hosting because Wordpress is the easiest platform to build a website. Instead of offering an additional web hosting service, they specialize in just that. They also have a built in CDN in which I like. Why? It makes your website faster without the consumer having to manually setup a CDN themselves. 

They are fast, affordable, and they offer multiple plans that will fit everyone’s needs. 


-Amber Boyd

so, what is web hosting exactly?

So, what is web hosting? Here’s the simple version. Web Hosting is the act of providing storage of all of your files for your website. Your website has many different attributes that comes together in order to function.

A web hosting company gives you space on their servers to hold and run your website’s files so your website can function.  Over the years, having a website has become easier and easier to own. Essentially, there are two parts to a “new age” website – the domain and website hosting.

Your domain name such as, is the address in which someone can find the content of your website. Your website host stores all of your website content and  interacts with your domain name so all of your content can be displayed to your visitors.

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Why is choosing the right web host so important? Your web host will determine if your website and/or business succeeds or fails on the internet. Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that your website crashed because your website host’s server is “down”. It happens more than you may think. When you’re running a business, this can’t happen. If it does, you and your business will look unprofessional. All website hosting providers aren’t built the same. 

Believe it or not, your website host can slow you down. When your website host takes more than 4 seconds to load your website, then visitors click the back button because it takes too long to load. According to Mashable, 75% of those users will not return. When visitors click the back button, that metric contributes to your bounce-rate. With a high bounce-rate, Google will push your website way down the SERP’s (search engine ranking position). When your website has a low SERP then you won’t receive new visitors to your website. Without visitors, you won’t have customers. Without customers, you won’t make money.

You need the best web host because web hosting is the foundation of your website. Think of it like this: Would you rather have your house built out of straw or brick? Of course there are plenty of web hosting companies out there but they all of them aren’t built like WP Engine


3 things you need for a great website


Let’s talk about the basics. How do you make a website? What makes it great? It’s simple. You need a solid foundation. From your domain name to your hosting provider to the theme you choose all plays a part on whether your website sinks or flies. 

A Catchy & Simple Domain Name – Your domain name is everything. Perhaps you already have a brand and you want to tie in your domain with it. It is beneficial to avoid hyphenated domain names such as because people don’t typically think to search for hyphenated web addresses. It is also recommended that you keep it short and sweet so people can remember it. 

Fast & Reliable Hosting – Our whole lifestyle is dedicated to web hosting so this shouldn’t be a surprise. It is crucial that you pick the best web hosting service for your needs. As an established company with years of knowledge and experience, we only recommend one. Web hosting doesn’t have to be difficult and it isn’t. You can click one of the buttons on this page to get started.

Great Looking & Responsive Theme – A pretty and professional website is a happy website. If your website looks unprofessional then they will most likely click the back button. Avoid clutter. When in doubt, use as much white as possible. White eases the viewers mind. It’s clean and simple. There are plenty of free themes to choose from. You don’t have to be a website builder to have a great looking website. 



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